Welcome to FIT2DAY KIDZ

Healthier Lifestyles = Happier Lifestyles ❤️

Welcome to FIT2DAY KIDZ

Healthier Lifestyles = Happier Lifestyles ❤️

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May is the month that children are testing. Here are some tips on testing successfully. Pray&Pray!!

May is a test taking month for all our children. Here are few tips on testing successfully. With all of this don’t forget to pray for God to give you the strength to apply your knowledge to ace this test!!! Good luck 👍🏽 



Summer will be here so be looking out for different mental and physical activities from FIT2DAY KIDZ!!



Every month we will choose a school or youth organization to randomly select a child to be a recipient of our “Gift of Giving” monthly giveaway. The parents choose three nessecities for the selected child and turn it in. On every last Friday in the month we will present that child with the "Gift of Giving” gGiveaway. This is NOT a charity event but an activity where the kidz of FIT2DAY KIDZ can give back to their peers. This monthly idea was created by the Newby Kidz who are also the founders of FIT2DAY KIDZ.

“Gift of Giving” Monthly Recipient


MARCH RECIPIENT; Dakota Fellers is a two year old in 2A class at First Kidzz Development. He loves dinosaurs. 


CEO- Trenae Chapman

I am a passionate mother of three beautiful kidz; The Newby Kidz. We have lived in East Atlanta over 20 years and love our community. It would be awesome to operate our gym in East Atlanta. We have been working on Fit2day Kidz for a couple of years now. We  executed  our brand and designed the gym we also wanted. My kidz has always been in athletic activities where they bring the activities home. Such as after football practice coming home to lift weights, practicing dance routines in our living room with dance partners or even just riding my exercise bike to get in shape. So with that we thought of a youth gym.Fit2day Kidz youth gym was an idea....which became a dream....and now is becoming Our reality! 

My motto is “ No matter how filthy and messy you get you can Always get back clean”.

The Newby Kidz

Co-Founder-Tyler R. Newby


Tyler is an 11 year old 6th grader at M.L.King Middle School. His motto in life is “ Never judge a Book by its Cover”. He says he may be small in size but his heart is big. Tyler is an outstanding Running Back🏈.

Co-Founder-Lauren Elle Newby


Princess Elle is a 9 year old 4th grader at Burgess Peterson Academy. Her motto in life is “Love is Always the Answer”. Dancing is her passion❤️.

Co-Founder-Christopher Newby Jr.


Chris is a 16 year old 10th grader at Maynard Jackson High School where he performs outstanding  on the football field  as well as in the classroom. His motto is “Life is a choice and the choice is yours”.💪🏽

To Our Community



Our duties are to tackle Pediatric Obesity through physical fitness, well-balance nutritients and an all around healthy lifestyle.



Services include going into our community and lending helping hands. From child to child services or adult to child services. We assist in feeding hungry, clothing the needed and going beyond to give back to our community. Our services exceeds fighting pediatric obesity but making a healthier community. Healthy lifestyles =Happy  lifestyles.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

While working with us, we want you to be completely happy with the experience. If you have questions about us, our activities/events or even the building of our youth gym feel free to get in touch! We hope you continue to support us for many years to come. 

fit2day kidz youth gym

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and open our well-equipped state -of -the- art Youth Gym in the heart of East Atlanta. 

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